In my sophomore year of high school I founded a podcast called "Synapse" to help cover the overturn of the ban on out of state gay marriages in Kentucky. After that I gathered a group of students to help produce episodes focusing on themes similar to those of This American Life. As well as being the founder I am the editor and creative director of all podcast production. For more information and to listen to all 11 episodes, please visit our Soundcloud page.

I have worked with audio not only in relation to the production of Synapse, but also through mentoring other students in my school's journalism program and in the nation. In March of 2015 I was selected to present a seminar on podcasting at Columbia University in New York City. Watch that seminar, titled "How to Start a Podcast," on my YouTube channel.

You can find Synapse on Facebook, Twitter, and on iTunes (keyword "Synapse").