Radio Journalism

I served as the News Director for 91.7 WICB FM in Ithaca from April 2017 to May 2018. I oversaw training and quality of live newscasts, produced the weekly Ithaca Now news program, and managed all web content. I also produced my own stories (below) and hosted this community listening party:

Video Journalism

Through my internship and ongoing freelance work with Insider Louisville, I created this four-part documentary about health equity in Louisville, Kentucky. I conducted all research and interviews; wrote the script with editorial revision from the Editor in Chief; filmed; hosted; edited; and animated the series. View my other video work for Insider below.

Interactive Journalism

I’m the Web Director for The Ithacan and 91.7 WICB FM, where I innovate in the outlets’ use of digital tools to spread news media. I use my role to push editors to explore new ways of storytelling, and I also use the roles to increase the amount of interactive and visual content on the sites. I designed the website for the Park Center for Independent Media (to be released soon), and an app for protest organizers.